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My Organic was created for those who are passionate about the health and wellbeing of their baby.

My mission is to share with you what I've learned to empower you, inspire you and motivate you to make informed decisions about the way you choose to care for your baby.

The majority of the suggestions don’t require a revolution in your lifestyle. Get information about the topics that interest you the most. Try one suggestion, see how you like it and then try another.

Do as much or as little as you want but DON’T get overwhelmed or discouraged. If you can only implement a few ideas each day, week or year you are moving in a good direction.


A thousand mile journey is taken small step at a time.

You will find this website chalked full of information from organic baby food, safe nontoxic toys, natural cleaning products to easy and inexpensive tips that will improve the quality of life for your baby.

Happy Journey!

Organic Baby Food
There is nothing more important than the quality of the food you feed your baby. You can make a major impact on your baby’s health by feeding her organic baby food.
Organic Cloth diapers
Organic cloth diapers can be just as simple and easy as disposable diapers. Compare Cloth diapers vs. Disposable diapers!
Natural Baby Clothes
Natural Baby Clothes help protect a baby’s delicate skin because they are made without the harmful dyes and chemicals used in the manufacturing of conventional baby clothing.
Organic Nursery
An organic nursery offers your baby a chemical free space that is safe, comfortable & peaceful.
Organic Pregnancy
An Organic Pregnancy ensures you are growing your baby with the best materials! Organic food, pure water, and chemical free makeup and skincare minimize toxic chemicals that can cross the placenta.
Organic Baby Shower
Need help planning an Organic Baby Shower? Here you will find lots of earth friendly ideas to celebrate a new life without making a huge footprint on the planet.
Organic Baby Care
Because most conventional baby care products on the market contain questionable chemicals, it’s important to choose certified Organic Baby Care Products.
Organic Baby Toys
Organic Baby Toys are the natural choice for parents who know it's important to minimize chemical exposure for their children.
Indoor Air Quality
Poor indoor air quality is alarming but there are many simple things you can do to protect your baby’s exposure to toxins.
Childrens Art Supplies
Because childrens art supplies don’t just end up on your child’s project but also in his hair, hands and mouth, it's best to make sure that the art supplies you choose are safe natural art supplies.
Organic Living
Organic Living is understanding that the products we use in our homes not only affect our child’s health but also all other living things in the world.
Privacy Policy
Privacy policy
About Me
About Me and my passion to create My Organic Baby, a site dedicated to helping parents make informed choices about the way they care for their children.
Contact Me
Contact Me
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